Saturday, December 5, 2015

AoD Ash was NOT an "idiot" at all...

Hello my Beloved Appleheads...
More than 60.000 VISITS !!!!! Thank you so much for this tremendous success. This is regarded as one of the best and definitive Evil Dead sites out there, and I must thank the casual visitors, the users (you) and your grateful private messages. This is the groove.
About Army of Darkness.
Ash was mad and unpredictable, not an idiot. Never.
He survived weeks and weeks of captivity, being treated like a war prisoner and a slave. Tortured as well.
He managed to destroy the Pit Deadites, an impossible task I would say.
He built a bionic hand in 1387 AD. 'Nuff said!
He just forgot the words because he couldn't write them on a paper. He's an EVERYMAN and we're dealing with ancient Sumerian words. Bad Ash's creation had kinda "shocked" him hours before. PTSD did the rest. He just forgot half of the last word anyway. "Klaatu Verata NI-"... it was the very last syllable. Not even the whole word or the whole incantation.

His "error" led to the war with the Evil Dead (and mind you, the Evil Dead was already awaken when he arrived in 1387 AD). However, he successfully retrieved the Book of the Dead.
He trained the soldiers. He used "science" to invent new weapons.
He managed to turn Henry the Red into an ally.
They won the battle together.
He destroyed Evil Ash.
A new kingdom was born thanks to Ash, and this new Kingdom will lead to the foundation of Great Britain. Remember, this is a fixed timeline like "12 Monkeys" (the movie).
Idiot? No. Not at all. Actually, Replicant Ash was pretty smart, like his "predecessor"/template from TED/ED2.
Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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Ash Williams - the chainsawing heroic demon-slayer of the saga - battled the Kandarian Demon four times in his weird life. Help him defeat the Evil Dead once and for all!"
Ash vs Evil Dead Series

AVED Ash (+ accessories: Possessed Hand - Arm Chainsaw - Boomstick - Necronomicon Ex Mortes)
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Evil Dead Flashback Series
Evil Cheryl + Evil Ed
"Ash's Deadite sister from his first battle with the Evil Dead and the dangerous and lethal Deadite enemy from the second chapter!"

Evil Shelly + Evil Scott
"Ash's Deadite friends from his first battle with the Evil Dead!"

Original Ash 1300 + Replicant Ash 1387 (AoD)
"Two Ashes, one mission beyond time and space. The two medieval heroes finally together!"

Possessed Ash 1987 + Evil Ash (AoD)
"Ash's dark side from his battles against the Evil Dead!"

Original Ash 1979 + Evil Linda I
"Younger Ash against his Deadite girlfriend!"

Evil Henrietta + Evil Linda II
"Ash's Deadite enemies from his second battle against the Evil Dead!"

............................................................. let me dream.
                                                             Pic owned by STARZ

Your beloved dreaming Knowby Warrior.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

This wonderful and successful website is 100% Unofficial/Fan Fiction but... makes sense. A lot of sense. LOL.
By the way, I repeat, THIS website is Unofficial. It's written in the credits of this site. It's written in a specific section of this site named "Evil Dead Copyright". It's written everywhere.
I'm posting this because, generally speaking, some fans of unspecified fandoms created parallel websites and declared them as "official fansites". WTF? Official FANsites? That doesn't exist. Guys, make up your mind, you're delusional. Get a life! LMAO.
Oh well............. talking about Episode #2 of 'ASH vs. EVIL DEAD':
I JUST love the fact that, one more time, Raimi suggested the undeniable concept of the Deadites being all part of one single entity: the Kandarian Demon a.k.a. The Evil Force a.k.a. The Evil Dead.


1- Kelly's Deadite Mother knew that Ash's true name was "ASHLEY" ("Ash" may just be considered as being a nickname or a fake name, but she did know the real name was "ASHLEY"). She even recited Henrietta's specific nursery rhyme... that's so sweet, because it shows that Evil Cheryl, Evil Henrietta and Evil Mommy were just part of the same entity: The Kandarian Demon.

2- Pablo also hinted at the possibility that "the Evil Force" jumped into Kelly's father too.

3- Ash referring to "THE" Evil as one single enemy, "the thing" they must destroy and which ruined their lives forever.
More to come, Oldsmobiles....................
Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior


Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" is a triumph!

Hello Screaming Bat-Winged Viewers,

I will wait for more episodes in order to revise my continuity scenario.

It's simple:

1- "Ash vs. Evil Dead" is an alternate continuity. Okay.


2- "Ash vs. Evil Dead" is a sequel. Okay.


Let's wait for more to come from Ruby Knowby and the Book itself...

For the rest:

THE SHOW IS A TRIUMPH!!!!! This is EVIL DEAD. Pure and uncontaminated Evil Dead madness.

Happy Halloween.

Tiziano Caliendo


Saturday, July 11, 2015

THIS IS IT. This is it. Here we go. Here.


Beyond words. Beyond emotions. Beyond everything you know.

It's very simple:

1- The lead character is the "Ash duplicate" who battled the Army of Darkness in 1387 AD, not the original Ash (white streak) who materialized in 1300 AD and spent his entire damned life battling the Deadites. Okay.

2- This means the original ending of AoD is not canon. Okay.

3- Since this Ash is a duplicate, he is "flawed". In AoD he just "remembered" that he went to the cabin with Linda (short-haired). Now he is mixing up his 1979 memories ("the friends") with the 1987 memories...
It's okay. He's the "Hail to the King" Ash after all.

4- We can assume he discarded the metallic cyborg hand for some technical reason. Okay.

5- We can pretend the series is set in 2017. 1987 + 30 = 2017. Okay.

6- The Evil Dead 2013 remake is just a nightmare Ash was having. He awoke and just told himself: "GROOVY!". The ED 2013 ending coda is the key to understand the movie. Or maybe Ash was "intercepting" memories from an alternate universe. Okay.

More than 45.000 visits. Thank you so much. I love you. But I love STARZ even more now.

Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ash has stared into the abyss.

My beloved Rotten Apple Heads,
I just want to share with you this brilliant comment posted on IMDB, author: "William Taylor". This pretty much sums it up, WHO and WHAT is Ash.
Beware, writers and screenplayers of "ASH VS. EVIL DEAD" (2015):
"Ash is a normal guy who can comfortably negotiate a mild psychosis while confronting the supernatural. That steely resolve of his to not completely lose his marbles is what makes him so appealing. It's like how a little venom in your blood can make you immune to a snake bite. Ash, by sheer will power, can embrace the insanity of a situation, shielding himself in a protective ego trip (hail to the king, baby!) and ultimately emerge out the other side a functional human being. He might be a little bit damaged but his personality needs to be carefully balanced. Ultimately it needs to be taken somewhat seriously. Ash isn't a goofball outright. Ash has stared into the abyss. His goofiness is a fragile facade. Under that benign exterior beats the heart of a true deadite slaying hero."
Your dear Knowby Warrior. 
P.s.: thank you for the success. This blog is going very strong, it's huge. I'm 100% proud.