Friday, January 30, 2015

Ash has stared into the abyss.

My beloved Rotten Apple Heads,
I just want to share with you this brilliant comment posted on IMDB, author: "William Taylor". This pretty much sums it up, WHO and WHAT is Ash.
Beware, writers and screenplayers of "ASH VS. EVIL DEAD" (2015):
"Ash is a normal guy who can comfortably negotiate a mild psychosis while confronting the supernatural. That steely resolve of his to not completely lose his marbles is what makes him so appealing. It's like how a little venom in your blood can make you immune to a snake bite. Ash, by sheer will power, can embrace the insanity of a situation, shielding himself in a protective ego trip (hail to the king, baby!) and ultimately emerge out the other side a functional human being. He might be a little bit damaged but his personality needs to be carefully balanced. Ultimately it needs to be taken somewhat seriously. Ash isn't a goofball outright. Ash has stared into the abyss. His goofiness is a fragile facade. Under that benign exterior beats the heart of a true deadite slaying hero."
Your dear Knowby Warrior. 
P.s.: thank you for the success. This blog is going very strong, it's huge. I'm 100% proud.

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