Monday, November 10, 2014

It's official: ASH WILL BE BACK!

Nasty Bat-Winged Deadheads,
It's official. Official. 100% official. 200% official. I mean: really official.
Wherever this TV sequel series will be an epic failure or not, nothing could ever ruin the groovy awesomeness of the first 3 Evil Dead movies, so just relax. I'm positive it will be an insane blast anyway. I can feel it.
The continuity will be even more messed-up with, I'm sure, but who cares. LOL
I'm happy!
Knowby Warrior

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sequel or TV series?

Hello Winged Deadites... hello.
What has the future in store for us Evil Dead fans? The scenario is a bit confusing now.
We got the classic movie which scared the hell out of everyone in the eighties (and beyond), The Evil Dead.
We got a distant sequel, set many years since the events of the original movie, which expanded the mythology and the Ash character even further. Evil Dead II.
We got a spin-off movie featuring the adventures of a crazy duplicate of the original character, a movie which became a cult classic in its own right without revolving on the couple of "proper" Evil Dead movies. Army of Darkness.
We got a remake-reimagining of some sort, which was successful. Almost 100 millions of dollars worldwide, that's quite a figure if you ask me. Evil Dead
And now? Evil Dead sequel or TV series? I just want my favourite horror franchise to go on in some way, no matter what.
The wait is long, even.
The Knowby Warrior

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slight revisions to the "Kandarian Demon" section (strictly related to AoD)


Effects on duplicates

Being a flawed duplicate of the original and true Ash, AoD Black Haired Ash is susceptible to the reality-warping powers of the Evil Dead, wherever a normal human can only be possessed. Indeed, the Evil Dead was able to clone his organism and mold a fully-functional "mirror duplicate": Bad Ash. The process started with the creation of the Tiny Ashes. This unusual and twisted "fusion" kinda imbued the Evil Dead with the childish and lunatic side of AoD Black Haired Ash's consciousness, and that made the Kandarian Demon acting in an "odd" and "comedic" way since that point.

As corollary to this, Bad/Evil Ash is more human-like than a normal Deadite and his behaviour and organism often react in a "lunatic" way.

As a side note, the Vortex Necronomicon managed to physically "tweak" the body of the AoD Black Haired Ash.


In 1387 A.D. the Evil Dead was roaming again because the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Three Books of the Dead were awaiting in an unholy cemetery. Since the AoD Black Haired Ash failed to correctly recite the incantation, the Evil Dead combined its essence with the power of the two Books left and the default demonic energy of the unholy cemetery and had the power to awake an old army of rogue and corrupt soldiers, turned into skeletons after normal post-mortem decay. The Army of Darkness was born. However, the spirits of the Demonic Skeletons had been heavily influenced by that specific manifestation of the Evil Dead, which was less brutal and more odd because its previous "fusion" with AoD Black Haired Ash via Tiny Ashes/Bad Ash.

The Knowby Warrior

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Italian Evil Dead Community is finally born! (OH YES)

Hello Wizards and Wisemen,

It seems like a bunch of Italian Deadites met each other and went along so fine to form a true COMMUNITY! "The" first Evil Dead Italian Community ever been. Or so we think.

Emanuele Crivello launched a site to gather us Italian Deadites from all over the cabins:


So far, we are:

Pamela Brega Tiziano Caliendo Fabio Covino Emanuele Crivello
Arcangelo De Girolamo
"Steven Drake" Ottavio Liguori Luca Pincini
David Tamburelli

And there are many fellows ready to JOIN US out there, they just must discover the thing... it's growing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one of our groovy cosplayers, Steven Drake:

Italians do it better, I guess.

The Knowby Warrior

Monday, July 21, 2014


1300's warriors,

Just in case you were wondering, I added a page where I explain that the "Evil Dead" saga belongs to Sam Raimi & company, all rights reserved. My blog is a fan fiction work. It's a work of passion. I do not earn any money from this. I'm here for the glory :)

Still planning to write more content, even.

In the while... what happened to "Evil Dead II"?