Saturday, December 5, 2015

AoD Ash was NOT an "idiot" at all...

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About Army of Darkness.
Ash was mad and unpredictable, not an idiot. Never.
He survived weeks and weeks of captivity, being treated like a war prisoner and a slave. Tortured as well.
He managed to destroy the Pit Deadites, an impossible task I would say.
He built a bionic hand in 1387 AD. 'Nuff said!
He just forgot the words because he couldn't write them on a paper. He's an EVERYMAN and we're dealing with ancient Sumerian words. Bad Ash's creation had kinda "shocked" him hours before. PTSD did the rest. He just forgot half of the last word anyway. "Klaatu Verata NI-"... it was the very last syllable. Not even the whole word or the whole incantation.

His "error" led to the war with the Evil Dead (and mind you, the Evil Dead was already awaken when he arrived in 1387 AD). However, he successfully retrieved the Book of the Dead.
He trained the soldiers. He used "science" to invent new weapons.
He managed to turn Henry the Red into an ally.
They won the battle together.
He destroyed Evil Ash.
A new kingdom was born thanks to Ash, and this new Kingdom will lead to the foundation of Great Britain. Remember, this is a fixed timeline like "12 Monkeys" (the movie).
Idiot? No. Not at all. Actually, Replicant Ash was pretty smart, like his "predecessor"/template from TED/ED2.
Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior