Evil Dead II/Army of Darkness Connection

DISCLAIMER: this theory was developed many years ago, long before the TV series would be released. It's just a theory based on the assumption the first 2 Evil Dead movies happened in two different times, at different locations. Besides, it's an attempt to explain the differences between Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness in a creative way.

Premise: AoD established the concept in which a duplicate can be "generated" from a pre-existent being. See the Tiny Ashes sequence, or what follows after that. You can literally see Ash's body splitting into two separate and apparently identical "halves". In this instance, Bad Ash is a copy (reversed as a mirrored image and with a human-like right hand).
Much likely, there are other duplicating forces in the universe, and the ED2 Time-Space Vortex is one of those connected to the Books of the Dead.

In EVIL DEAD II, after being sucked right into the portal, because a "quantum magic" effect embedded into the Time-Space Vortex itself, Ash produces a slightly different "clone" of himself, coming into existence in a separate time/place where a copy of the book had been active and at its maximum power. The Oldsmobile is also duplicated. Groovy!
Since the Predestination Paradox rules upon the Evil Dead universe, we can assume there's a special relationship between Ash and the Kandarian Demon because they already "met" in the past two times.

1300 A.D. - ED2 White Streak Haired ASH (original from TED and ED2) ends his interdimensional journey in the place surrounding the one and only Kandar Castle. The ED2 rather epic and shocking ending happens. Ash lives and dies in the Kandar Castle. During his medieval life as savior and champion of good, he deals with either the Naturan Demanto (TED) and the Necronomicon Ex Mortes (ED2). You can see his image mysteriously depicted on the Book of the Dead (the missing pages Annie Knowby later found in Kandar). We can assume the Dark Ones had prophetic visions about Ash and his lifetime mission as The Hero from the Sky and thus drew him while writing the original book. It should be noted that they also sketched Ash's wrist witch, so their visions about Ash Prime were kinda "interlaced" with another Ash's figure (read below).

1387 A.D. - AoD Black Haired ASH a.k.a. The Promised One (duplicate) materializes in a desertic and forbidden place set in a region different from Kandar. No name for the place is given in the movie. Likely, the Black Death plague and the ongoing civil war between the two reigns had disconnected this region for decades, to the point they did not know about the Hero from the Sky operating in Kandar in early 1300s. The mysterious man is brought to the castle of Lord Arthur, ruler of a part of the country. ARMY OF DARKNESS happens. "This" Ash wears a wrist watch which the original Ash had put in his pocket before his gearing up to face Henrietta. His memories are slightly "made-up" (duplication fault), and we can consider the quick recap at the beginning of AoD as a screwed recollection of what really happened.
Eventually, AoD Black Haired Ash manages to drink the potion in order to come back to what he believes is his "original time" (in truth, his existence only began in the Middle Ages). 


In the original set of Evil Dead movies we got one original Ash (TED, ED2) and one Ash duplicate (AoD). It is legit to think AoD as a spin-off of some sort and the beginning of a "new saga" because it involves a new Ash. To a certain extent, the Evil Dead original franchise ends with ED2.
Got it, Primitive Screwheads?


  1. Oh man what an explanation! It all makes sense! Thank you so much!

  2. Awesome job, dude!

    Hey, about the "Hero from the Sky" prophecy, are you sure those pages were actually written and drawn in the original Sumerian times? When I saw these pages in ED2 I thought they were more recent than the rest of the book, like a later addition. I thought this since they depicted a medieval castle in the drawings, I asumed these pages were made on Medieval times, not in Sumerian times.

    But then you bring the idea that the Dark Ones could have had a "vision" of Ash, and also of the medieval castle. Hmm, that would explain the cuneiform writting on those pages.

    Still I wanted to discuss this a little. I think it's fair to assume the book had different reeditions through time, or even the original received new pages and additions through centuries.

    I also noticed Ruby mentions that the "El Jefe" prophecy "appeared one day in her book". Quite mysterious phrase, but seems to point that the "hero from the sky" prophecy was NOT in the original version and was added to the book later, and by someone who wasn't her, the original writer.

    So what do you think brother? :)