Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sequel or TV series?

Hello Winged Deadites... hello.
What has the future in store for us Evil Dead fans? The scenario is a bit confusing now.
We got the classic movie which scared the hell out of everyone in the eighties (and beyond), The Evil Dead.
We got a distant sequel, set many years since the events of the original movie, which expanded the mythology and the Ash character even further. Evil Dead II.
We got a spin-off movie featuring the adventures of a crazy duplicate of the original character, a movie which became a cult classic in its own right without revolving on the couple of "proper" Evil Dead movies. Army of Darkness.
We got a remake-reimagining of some sort, which was successful. Almost 100 millions of dollars worldwide, that's quite a figure if you ask me. Evil Dead
And now? Evil Dead sequel or TV series? I just want my favourite horror franchise to go on in some way, no matter what.
The wait is long, even.
The Knowby Warrior