Monday, April 22, 2013

Talking about Alien and Aliens... no wait, I meant The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II

Hello Bobby Joes,

I refined some passages in the timeline connecting THE EVIL DEAD with EVIL DEAD II. So please check it out again.

Since I was a kid, I always thought of EVIL DEAD II as a distant sequel in the same league of ALIENS:

"I'm older, I'm stronger, I'm better and more prepared this time, I'm no more a victim. And I will destroy you. See by yourself".

This is my vision, and there's some massive evidence on screen too. I don't like the direct continuation talk (the recap blah blah blah blah okay! I know!). I don't like the remake talk. As simple as that.

Again, this is my vision, it's fan made, it's unofficial, it's for free, just enjoy the ride before it's too late.

Tizzy a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior.

(I don't own this image... it's 20th Century Fox! All rights reserved).

Friday, April 19, 2013

Issue about the SOULS the Evil Dead needs to... take over the world

Hello Ferocious Deadite Captains,

I've been quiet for a while, promoting the blog and prepping new content. I'm still working on it anyway.

However, I added some additional explanations to the THE KANDARIAN DEMON page... because ED 2013, TED and ED2 raised some poignant questions about the "Soul Issue", especially ED 2013.

For instance:

Basic victims and 'Slumber Mode'
In order to feed itself and amplify its demonic powers on reality, the Evil Dead needs souls to consume and thus nourish its primordial existence.

More here:

Love you. xxx
Tizzy a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gimme some equinox, baby

Hello Cavemen,
The infamous and highly successful EQUINOX trilogy is gonna be released on blu-ray format for the very first time. "EQUINOX" (1970), "EQUINOX II: Dead by Dawn" (1977) and the final chapter, "ARMY OF THE BLUE CAVEMEN" (1982). Tons of extras, including an interview with the Giant Apeman himself. You cannot miss this!
Jokes apart, just few minutes ago I've read from someone on IMDb "THE EVIL DEAD" is a total rip-off of an obscure movie called "Equinox" lol. Things like that could destroy my sleep for decades IF confirmed. Fortunately, YouTube is a friend of mine and the trailer of "Equinox" fastly popped up. YouTube, marry me.
Sorry alarmists and haters, but "The Evil Dead" is such an unique movie... and there have been millions of movies dealing with forbidden books and hypnotized people long before "Equinox" anyway. The more I see this trailer the more I'm convinced "The Evil Dead" ripped off Raimi's mind.
Tizzy a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior.

Friday, April 5, 2013

There are TWO 1973's Oldsmobile Delta 88 models out there... in the same universe !!!

Speaking about Oldsmobiles...

The ORIGINAL Oldsmobile was left in Morristown, Tennessee in 1979, after the events of TED. At first. Ash(ley), having survived the last, desperate attack of the Evil Dead, had been left traumatized, insane, gravely wounded and weakened. I suppose he tried to walk the trail Scott had previously discovered. The car was useless at that point; the bridge had collapsed hours before.
Later, Ash had his car back. I think he repaired it by using his "engineering" gift/abilities.
In 1987 he drove to Wadesboro and... the car eventually ended in 1300 A.D. Shit happens, I guess. The car looked destroyed. Seriously, I doubt Ash used it again in some different fashion like AoD Black Haired Ash will do. Well, this is it. 

The SECOND Oldsmobile ("The Deathcoaster") is the quantum duplicate of the one and only Oldsmobile which accompanied the White Streak Haired Ash (the original) at the very end of ED2. This "second" Oldsmobile is the accompanying piece of the AoD Black Haired Ash in 1387 A.D. Ash, I mean "the" Ash in AoD, would eventually convert the Oldsmobile into the infamous "Deathcoaster".  

I drive away now. I love you.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ash is... SMART! - News about the French Director's cut of ARMY

Hello Professors from the Dextin University,
I never EVER got why on hell Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell keep saying Ash is an "idiot". An IDIOT? Sam and Bruce, make up your mind, Xena and Spider-Man damaged your psyche for good.
In #1 Ash was weak and scared as hell but... he was just a 20 years old boy trying to cope with supernatural and demonic gruesome events and I challenge EVERYONE on this blog to react in a different way in that situation!

In #2 Ash was older and more skilled. He managed to survive and defeat evil. 'Nuff said!

In #3 Ash was serious nonetheless. Just angry like a wolf and pissed off. Well, he forgot the magic words, okay - I would have done the same without my Smartphone. He's still a vulnerable human man thrown into TERRIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE situations to deal with.
If you pretend one-liners are a valid indication a given character is "idiot" and "stupid", then... 90% of the cinematic heroes out there are instantaneously classified as idiot and stupid, including Indiana Jones. Which is not the case.

Ash is a flawed hero, but flawed, not idiot. I don't know why Sam and Bruce keep saying so, it's a mystery to me.


About the Director's Cut of ARMY OF DARKNESS, the only real ARMY OF DARKNESS to talk about (the American cut is indeed horrid, they butchered most of the movie and turned it into an incoherent mess):
French company Filmedia released all 3 cuts (American cut, International cut and Director's cut) on BD. The International cut and the Director's cut are culled from original film elements, so we're talking about real HD MASTERS from MGM. I just hope MGM scanned the cuts at 4k for preservation purpose, but I'm also sure MGM is not stupid at all.
The French release (click on)

Many movie buffs just testified that the picture quality of the blu-ray is fantastic.
To me, the only true versions of ARMY are the Director's cut in primis, and then the International cut (the one which was aired in my local theatres back in 1993).

Tizzy a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior.