Thursday, October 20, 2016

NEW continuity scenario for the franchise: THE EVIL DEAD PLASTIC UNIVERSE

Hey Deadites,
I'll swollow your continuity.
New continuity scenario for the EVIL DEAD FRANCHISE (movie trilogy + TV series):
1 single universe.
1 single timeline... less or more.
1 single Ash.
1 single cabin.
1 single story.
No more incongruences.
... or you can keep taking the other sections of my site as your personal gospel. Your choice.
That's the way I like it.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

AvED section deleted - new sections to come

Yessssss, Bat-Winged Folks!

I made up my mind, totally. The TV series doesn't match with the movies very well, and I don't wanna complicate my life too much (LMAO).
I'm working on a standalone section for the AvED Universe.
On the other hand, I'm working on an alternative theory which gets rid of my well-established scenario and attempts to make sense of the trilogy and the TV series, taking in account the incongruences. Just give me a bit of time. I'm writing...
Thank you so much for the continuing resonance this site is getting each day of its weird life.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Evil Dead Fan Film Project

Message from the BIGGEST Evil Dead site, "BOOK OF THE DEAD":
"As some who keep track of my Evil Dead fansite ( will know, I've been working on an Evil Dead short fanfilm for some months.

I've shot the film's intro/credits sequence out of my own pocket to use as a 'trailer', and you can see that below. It's entirely new footage shot by myself, there is no footage from any of the Evil Dead Trilogy of films used anywhere in it, although there are a few closely matching shots. Copyright permission for the 'Book Of The Dead' & 'Kandarian Dagger' to be replicated & shown has been given by their copyright owner: Tom Sullivan.

This intro/credits sequence tells little snippets of the story of the 'Book Of The Dead', how it was first found, Professor Knowby translating it at the cabin, and skimming over the events of The Evil Dead, leading into to what will be the start of the main film. It was shot using three actors (myself included) over four locations using seven mini-sets taking nine weeks from start to finish, including all the prop/set purchase & construction work. This includes sets of an archaeological dig, the Professor's desk & fireplace in the cabin, as well as little sections of the cellar and workshed too. While based around The Evil Dead, eagle eyed fans might spot that I've also borrowed some little prop/set details from Evil Dead II as well.

The full fanfilm script treats the first film, The Evil Dead, as a single event (ignoring Evil Dead II & Army Of Darkness), my film will be a continuation of these original events. It'll be more of a scary ghost story like the first film, as opposed to the action/adventure of the second & third films, and won't feature any of the existing main characters from the series in the body of the film. The script has already been written (which will come in around the 20-30 minute mark depending on the budget raised), a budget calculated, and set & prop designs finalized.

This would be my third recent short film. You can see my previous short: The Lateness Of The Hour (which is being screened at the Sacramento Film Festival in April 2016) below:

For more information on this project, to see behind the scenes production photos, please visit:"

...let's help him. THE KNOWBY WARRIOR

Friday, January 15, 2016

The AvED section is up!!!

Hello Abominos.
The AvED section is finally up !!! 
No alternate universe. AvED is a 100% sequel.
In order to make the TV series fit with my continuity scenario and vice versa, I also revised the following sections: "The Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 Connection"; "Army of Darkness Endings" and "The Kandarian Demon".
So please, you're invited to read them again.
Have a nice read and thank you. See you in Elk Rapids.
Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior

                                          Pics owned by STARZ 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Thank you Tom Sullivan! - 2 new sections coming in the next few days!

Yes Deadites,
Mr. Tom Sullivan loved "The Evil Dead Chronicles".
What a beautiful, polite and kind person!

Dear Tom: I'm truly honored. Thank you so much for your outstanding and enduring work in The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. Your Book of the Dead versions were groundbreaking and memorable to say the least. They are legend. Said that, big congrats for your life and career.
Put your theories online, please !!!

WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, 2 NEW SECTIONS will be launched on the website:
Ash vs Evil Dead as sequel to my ED Trilogy "continuity scenario".
And... a new continuity scenario for the Evil Dead franchise, if you don't like distant sequels, too many cabins, too many books, replicants and weird things like that:
The Evil Dead Moldable Universe
 Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior