Saturday, November 14, 2015

This wonderful and successful website is 100% Unofficial/Fan Fiction but... makes sense. A lot of sense. LOL.
By the way, I repeat, THIS website is Unofficial. It's written in the credits of this site. It's written in a specific section of this site named "Evil Dead Copyright". It's written everywhere.
I'm posting this because, generally speaking, some fans of unspecified fandoms created parallel websites and declared them as "official fansites". WTF? Official FANsites? That doesn't exist. Guys, make up your mind, you're delusional. Get a life! LMAO.
Oh well............. talking about Episode #2 of 'ASH vs. EVIL DEAD':
I JUST love the fact that, one more time, Raimi suggested the undeniable concept of the Deadites being all part of one single entity: the Kandarian Demon a.k.a. The Evil Force a.k.a. The Evil Dead.


1- Kelly's Deadite Mother knew that Ash's true name was "ASHLEY" ("Ash" may just be considered as being a nickname or a fake name, but she did know the real name was "ASHLEY"). She even recited Henrietta's specific nursery rhyme... that's so sweet, because it shows that Evil Cheryl, Evil Henrietta and Evil Mommy were just part of the same entity: The Kandarian Demon.

2- Pablo also hinted at the possibility that "the Evil Force" jumped into Kelly's father too.

3- Ash referring to "THE" Evil as one single enemy, "the thing" they must destroy and which ruined their lives forever.
More to come, Oldsmobiles....................
Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior


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