Monday, April 22, 2013

Talking about Alien and Aliens... no wait, I meant The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II

Hello Bobby Joes,

I refined some passages in the timeline connecting THE EVIL DEAD with EVIL DEAD II. So please check it out again.

Since I was a kid, I always thought of EVIL DEAD II as a distant sequel in the same league of ALIENS:

"I'm older, I'm stronger, I'm better and more prepared this time, I'm no more a victim. And I will destroy you. See by yourself".

This is my vision, and there's some massive evidence on screen too. I don't like the direct continuation talk (the recap blah blah blah blah okay! I know!). I don't like the remake talk. As simple as that.

Again, this is my vision, it's fan made, it's unofficial, it's for free, just enjoy the ride before it's too late.

Tizzy a.k.a. The Knowby Warrior.

(I don't own this image... it's 20th Century Fox! All rights reserved).

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