The Kandarian Demon

Premise: people's biggest misconception is that the titular "Evil Dead" are a group of incorporeal demonic spirits. This seems to be the misconception of some characters in the saga too (the first archeologist in TED comes to mind). Most of this misunderstanding comes from the undeniable fact the Deadites refer to themselves as a group ("We", "Join us"). It's a trick, get an axe! "The" Evil Dead is one entity, the unseen force possessing beings and attempting to annihilate our world... in order to raise an inferno. The Evil Dead, The Unseen Force, The Kandarian Demon, The Rotten Apple Head. Many names, many bodies, many forms, many manifestations, many rules, many powers, many limits, just one enemy for human kind.

Origins outline

The origin of the Kandarian Demon may be traced back to a time predating the age in which the Necronomicon Ex Mortes a.k.a. Naturum Demonto, the original Book of the Dead, had been written by the Dark Ones. According to Professor Ed Getley, the book was written roughly 3.000 years before 1987, or maybe even more than that (as suggested by Annie Knowby).
The book was written in the Ancient Sumeria, when the seas "ran red with blood". Presumibly, the Dark Ones were gifted people bearing supernatural capabilities and dealing with outerdimensional creatures and demons running on Earth. In the attempt to command upon these demons and thus having some kind of supremacy in the world, they created the book as a way to channeling some of these obscure forces and putting them in check the best way possible.
Long before the book, The Kandarian Demon was running amok. It was a Living Evil born in the "space between the spaces", an interdimensional demon world. Many events could have brought the creature to lose its "life" and become "incorporeal" forever (apparently). In that specific time, The Evil Dead had (re)born with an hunger for life, a vital energy once lost. The Dark Ones found the right phonetic incantations to either make the entity dormient and forbid its terrible influence on human kind or awake it and bring destruction and horror. A chance to tame the beast and use it...

As explained by Dr. Raymond Knowby: "The book speaks of a spiritual presence. A thing of evil that roams the forests and the dark bowers of man's domain. It is through the recitation of the book's passages that this dark spirit is given license to possess the living".

Throughout centuries and millenia, new versions of the Book of the Dead were written, not with the best intentions. This caused some consistent variations in the way the Evil Dead interacted with the living world and our dimension.

The second biggest (multiple) manifestation of the Evil Dead had been in the 13th/14th century in Great Britain, involving the Kandar Castle. It was a ferocious battle between good and evil lasting decades. It was a pivotal moment in history. In the end, The Evil Dead was defeated and all Books of the Dead disappeared from Man's scenario. Until the 1970s...

Basic victims and 'Slumber Mode'

In order to feed itself and amplify its demonic powers on reality, the Evil Dead needs souls to consume and thus nourish its primordial existence.

Souls can be obtained in two ways: violent death of the individuals (TED archeologist, Dr. Knowby, Bobbie Jo) or possession (the Deadites).

Once evoked through any of the Books of the Dead, the Evil Dead first must "feed" on the people who recited or just made the incantations "be listened to" in some way (tape recorder). Then, the Evil Dead can subsequently feed on the people who are located in the place where the incantations have been recited (see Annie & the ED2 company) if someone from the original batch is still alive (Ash in ED2). It's a sort of "cycle" the Kandarian Demon must fulfill.

If the number of souls absorbed is somehow limited (2), then the Kandarian Demon falls in a semi-sentient state, like sleepwalking. Under that modality, it can still interact with the surrounding reality to a certain extent (the very beginning of TED), albeit with no full consciousness or license to possess beings. Generally speaking, the Kandarian Demon spends the vast majority of its existence on Earth as a dormient entity.

On slumber mode, the Evil Dead can still "influence" some gifted individuals (like Cheryl who owns a mild E.S.P. ability). Said individuals, once possessed, present their latent abilities enhanced to the nth degree (Deadite Cheryl).

Once the Evil Dead has consumated an adequate number of souls, it can overcome its geographical limits and the "attraction" of the place where it has been evoked and take over the whole world.


Man cannot see the Kandarian Demon but can somehow "perceive" it and sometimes spot strange "warping" in the space it occupies. An unnatural barely-sentient fog often accompanies the Evil Dead and the Vegetal Deadites.

Once manifested in a solid form through the incantations of the Necronomicon Ex Mortes, the Evil Dead transforms into the Rotten Apple Head creature, a composite patchwork organism in which flesh interacts with vegetal elements. The actual souls the Evil Dead was recently "feasting upon" materialize under the form of human faces with deadite eyes embedded into the left side of the Head. Notice: there was a white streak haired Ash-like face among them in the ending of ED2, which may suggest that a part of Ash's soul will always belong to the Evil Dead, despite he has been the only human in history to escape possession without any special mean (sunlight, incantations).
In this specific solid form, the Evil Dead can be hurt, killed or sent into another dimension through a mystical warp.


A "Deadite" is a person, animal or plant possessed by the Kandarian Demon.

Human Deadites

In regard to an human who have been possessed, the resulting Deadite is a psychic, physical and spiritual extension of the Evil Dead. His/her personality is a hybridal mix between the Kandarian Demon's main consciousness and the specific host mind, including memories and behaviour. By all means, Deadites are the Kandarian Demon, and the Kandarian Demon is them. We can assume the Evil Dead is a gestalt composed of all Deadites existing at a given moment and the Unseen Force roaming in the woods. Deadites are like an efficient network, all connected to each other (see Cheryl and Linda; Ed and Henrietta). In the while, the Evil Dead devours the human souls trapped inside the Deadites as flies swamped into a cobweb.

The Human Deadites in their first and default stadium display white eyes with no pupil, reverbered voice, abnormal facial features, sharpened teeth, altered hands, skin tone change (grey, yellow, rosey or white) and differently-colored blood and fluids (white, dark or light red, black or green). The main abilities of a Deadite: superhuman strength and stamina, lievitation, invulnerability to knife cuts and minor gun shots. Over time, they can morph their overall body structure, or even grow extra limbs from the inside of their bodies. The most dramatic change they can substain is the conversion into a bat-winged brownish creature not resembling human anymore. Deadites can also temporarily "normalize" their aspect in order to decevive people, but the effect lasts just few minutes.
Deadites can survive extensive damage to their bodies (see Henrietta, ED2 Linda). If trapped or blocked, they can immerse themselves into an apparent sleep condition and awake in convenient times (see Henrietta). In slumber mode, they slowly rot.

Possession is fastly achieved with a direct interface and "fusion" with the incorporeal essence of the Evil Dead, a drastic mean to speed up the production of Human Deadites (see Shelly, Ash).
Another instance of possession is through being hit or violently touched by a Deadite. The Deadite would imbue the subject with a "portion" of the Evil Dead essence. In a slow process similar to a biological viral infection, the essence gradually increases within the organism, until the point the new Deadite release himself (the "Rotting": black ramifications can be seen on the skin few second before the definitive conversion). Severed limbs or heads of Deadites can only transmit a limited amount of Evil Dead essence, not enough to possess an entire organism but at least part of it (see Ash's hand).
Ash is one of the few to be resilient to the latter possession mode.

The human soul inside the Deadite, while being painfully consumed and dissipated over time, can sometimes emerge and try to vainly stop the Deadite (see Ash, Henrietta).

Killing a Deadite is a difficult task. The rules are identical for each manifestation of the Evil Dead coming from any Book of the Dead. The Deadite must be dismembered in a total way, decapitation is not sufficient. Multiple and high caliber gun shots can stop the Deadite for a limited amount of time (he/she falls unconscious), but dismemberment is necessary to finish off the Deadite anyway.
The Soul Dagger can inflict an unbereable pain to the Deadite once stabbed with it.

Second and third phases

The more the body is possessed, the better the Evil Dead can "corrupt" it. At a certain point, the Deadite can extend his limbs and body parts in various ways (see Henrietta). The third and totally optional phase of the process is the complete metamorphosis of the Human Deadite into a bat-winged creature which represents the final step of the corruption.

Possession of dead

Corpses can be possessed as well. The decaying process is instantaniously stopped and the organism appears slightly revitalized/repaired (see Scott). However, the Evil Dead is not interested into possessing bodies in which there's a devoid of soul. Dead bodies are possessed only out of necessity, in order to stop or attack a living opponent.

Vegetal Deadites

Being a forestal entity, the Evil Dead always possesses various vegetal forms of life (plants, trees). The resulting Vegetal Deadites are very aggressive. It is unknown if the Kandarian Demon obtains soul nourishment from them.
Visually speaking, possessed trees may adopt anthropomorphized features over time. They can even detach themselves from their fixed location to "walk" on their animated roots and use branches as attacking arms.

Inorganic Deadites

For limited amounts of time the Evil Dead can also possess inorganic objects and make them "live" and act, or even bleed: indeed, the Kandarian Demon is bestowed with the ability to generate considerable quantities of human/deadite blood and make it sprout from inorganic structures.
A special mention goes to mirrors which, once possessed by the Evil Dead, can function as widows opened on the subconscious of the subject, producing delirious reflections.

AoD Deadites

It seems that the Evil Dead - unleashed by the Necronomicon Ex Mortis - is able to "tweak" the Deadite pattern a bit more. Bad Ash is just a reversed duplicate of Ash II with superhuman abilities. Once regenerated and turned into Evil Ash, he displays additional powers.
On the other hand, Evil Sheila looks like an even more human-like Deadite.

If the Evil Dead is truly defeated and its "pivotal" physical manifestation is successfully destroyed (Evil Ash), a secondary Deadite can revert to his/her basic human form: he/she recovers from his/her injuries, no matter how severe they are, and organic tissues are fully repaired and/or regenerated in a matter of roughly few seconds (Sheila). Of course, this cannot happen if the body has been already dismembered.

Possession limits

If awaken by the incantations of the Necronomicon Ex Mortes, the Evil Dead cannot possess humans in the sunlight (see Ash). Exposure to sun rays dispels the essence inside the possessed organism and the human consciousness can take over the body again - if not mortally damaged and still technically "alive". It can be supposed the Evil Dead may overcome this limitation once it has absorbed a sufficient number of souls.

Ash was the only man in human history who once was able to overcome the possession without sunlight exposure, thanks to an accidental combination of factors: body not yet damaged or "killed", exposure to silver (the necklace) and a strong love memory paired with extraordinaire strength of will.

If awaken by the incantantions of the Naturan Demanto, the Evil Dead and all Deadites produced are heavily connected to the book and its existence.


The Evil Dead can induce horrific hallucinations to the humans it wants to torment before divouring their souls (see Ash). As special mention, mirrors - once possessed by the Evil Dead - can function as virtual "windows" opened on the subconscious of the subject, thus producing delirious reflections.

Effects on replicants

Being a flawed replicant of the original Ash, AoD Black Haired Ash is more susceptible to the reality-warping powers of the Evil Dead. This subtle connection also makes the Evil Dead able to tap into AoD Ash's mind and assume itself a "more human" behaviour as time progresses.

The Tiny Ashes represent the very first step of psychological/physical "fusion" between Ash (the replicant) and the Evil Dead.
Then, the Kandarian Demon is able to mimic Ash's organism and mold a fully-functional demonic "reverse duplicate": Bad Ash.

This unusual and twisted "fusion" imbued the Evil Dead with the lunatic side of AoD Black Haired Ash's consciousness, and that made the Kandarian Demon acting in an "odd" and "comedic" way since that point. The Ash/Evil Dead new link would explain the hallucinations Ash was having in the cemetery or the attitude of the Army of Darkness itself.
As corollary to this, Bad/Evil Ash is more human-like than a normal Deadite and his behaviour and organism often react in a "lunatic/comedic" way.

Associates: The Army of Darkness

In 1387 A.D. the Evil Dead was roaming again because the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Three Books of the Dead were waiting in an unholy cemetery - one of them being the real NEM. Since the AoD Black Haired Ash (the replicant) failed to correctly recite the incantation, the Evil Dead combined its essence with the power of the two Books left and the default demonic energy of the unholy cemetery and had the power to awake an old army of rogue and corrupt soldiers, turned into skeletons after normal post-mortem decay. The Army of Darkness was born. However, the spirits of the Demonic Skeletons were heavily influenced by that specific manifestation of the Evil Dead, which was less brutal and more odd because its previous "fusion" with AoD Black Haired Ash via Tiny Ashes/Bad Ash.


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