Books of the Dead

Premise: there have been many Books of the Deads, apocryphal copies of the one and only Necronomicon Ex Mortes (ED2).

Each book contains a set of specific incantations that can affect the Kandarian Demon a.k.a. The Evil Dead to the point its powers and limits may be either radically or slightly different depending on what version had unleashed it. They are all bound in human flesh and written with blood.

The two books stored in Kandar were accompanied by "Soul Daggers", mystical weapons able to inflict unbearable pain in the Deadites once stabbed with them.

Necronomicon Ex Mortes a.k.a. Naturum Demonto - the original "Book of the Dead", seen in ED2. This originates the most powerful version of the Kandarian Demon. As collateral effect of the specific incantations, the Evil Dead cannot possess bodies in the sunlight until absorbed a certain amount of souls. The book contains the prophecy of The Hero from the Sky and some special passages to defeat the Kandarian Demon by transforming it into The Rotten Apple Head creature.

Naturan Demanto - (notice: there are obvious differences with the name "Naturum Demonto") a sentient and demonic copy, seen in TED. If sourced from this book, the Kandarian Demon as well as the Deadites resulting from possession are strictly bound to its existence. Once destroyed the book, the Kandarian Demon has a limited amount of time to interface with the living world before dissipating forever.

Necronomicon Ex Mortis - (notice: the "i" in "Mortis") seen in AoD. Maybe the latest reproduction. You can notice it's larger than the original Necronomicon (ED2) and also a bit differently-shaped. The cover is flat. Unlike the Necronomicon Ex Mortes and the rest of the copies, the Necronomicon Ex Mortis features some interesting and useful incantations to send people/entities back or forward in time. In this volume, the Hero from the Sky is called "The Promised One".

The Vortex Necronomicon - a trap shaped as Necronomicon, lurking in the cemetery where Ash went to find the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. It can stretch the physical reality of every being or object falling into its orbit. It is unknown what lies inside its dimensional warp. 

The Vampire Necronomicon - a sentient and demonic simulation, lurking in the cemetery where Ash went to find the Necronomicon Ex Mortis.


1- Coincidentally, in the original script of TED (not canon, since it was modified during the filming of the movie), six volumes are mentioned by "Dr. Julian Knowby".
This is from the original draft of the script:

the first of six, the others still lost, volumes of ancient Sumarian burial practices and rites. Basically, it is a book of do's and don'ts dealing with the deceased en- titled "Naturan Demanto" roughly trans- lated "Book Of The Dead." It is bound in human flesh, and inked with blood of the deceased...
This particular volume
deals with demons and demon resurrect- ion. These are of the Katardi family, meaning those forces believed to inhab- it the jungles and woods of man's do- main. The first few pages that I have translated warn that these demons are dangerous, everpresent, and exist primarily through this book. As legend has it, only the sacred high priests of the Ca'n Dar tribe could possess these books, for they alone could properly control the resurrected de- mons. It is only through the act of reciting the resurrection passage that these demons would be able to possess the living.

2- The incantantions of the Necronomicon Ex Mortes contain the phonetic passage: "Ca'n da", to not be confused withe the name "Kandar".

3- You can notice the pages of the Naturan Demanto are very rough and do not contain images as much elaborated as the illustrations of the original Necronomicon.

4- The Necronomicon Ex Mortis is not written in English, and Ash could not read from it. The recap of AoD (director's cut) just represents a set of "distorted" memories the AoD Black Haired Ash duplicate owns. Duplication is a faulty process to begin with.


  1. Nice job on the blog, Tiziano. And also, your English is actually not as bad as you may think. I had an idea like this a while ago, making a reference site for the Evil Dead films, including a timeline and everything. My idea stretched out a bit further, however, covering the comics, the official Roleplaying Game Sourcebook, and a few elements of the games. I like what I've read so far on here, and I can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Thank you so much for your meaningful positive feedback, Dylan.
    I'm still planning to add some more sections... in the while, I'm refining the stuff I've already wrote with "fixes" and details here and there.
    I discarded every other source and just focused on the movies in order to explain the various continuity issues they present (in my own twisted way).

    Okay, looking forward more insight from you in the future to come. Have a nice day!

  3. Great site. Very good explanations and theories. Maybe Sam R will take a look and base AoD2 on some of it!

    1. JM, thank you so much for stopping here and giving your positive feedback. I already dropped an e-mail to Bruce Campbell, so fingers crossed. ARMY 2 requires a bit more of well-pondered continuity if they want to make it work. And then there's the crossover with the new saga... even harder!
      There's more to come on the blog. Have a nice day, mister.

  4. Love the blog very informative keep up the great work. I will be bookmarking this on my favorites list, so I can check back every so often!!!

  5. Brandon, you're 100% welcomed... spread the good word, thanks. Tizzy.

  6. I'd love to hear how you'd tie the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis with the H.P. Lovecraft Necronomicon! I've always wanted a sequel to Evil Dead to further include parts of the Necronomicon lore from H.P Lovecraft and other authors, but I feel that's very unlikely to happen... :(